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TapNLink Primer for STM32 instant mobile connectivity and HMI. TapNLink Primer Offers STM32 Instant Connection to Mobiles

Discover the ease adding NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi connectivity to any STM32 application without redesigning hardware or recoding firmware. Create Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) for your application that run as mobile apps (Android, iOS). View data on mobiles, or modify specific variables from your HMI app. You can even log data automatically to a Cloud platform.

No Coding. Just connect & configure!

Your connected proof-of-concept is just minutes away. TapNLink Primer uses your STM32's SWD port so that you can create a connected version of your application and automatically generate your first mobile apps (APK or IPA formats).

Learn more...

- Visit for free software downloads and documentation
- Check out the STM32 HMI video demo to see how easy TapNLink is
- Learn about special STM32 features like wireless debugging with Ride7


20 last projects
Date Title Category Hw version Downloads
2015-04-20 MathGame 1 game All 699
2014-04-20 at command electronic 974
2014-04-16 STM32F207VFT6 electronic 410
2014-04-11 Inertial Center for Primer2 1.0.1 other Primer2 257
2014-06-04 ZP Video Player Design Contest 2013 other EvoPrimer 538
2014-03-17 SmartOpen4 1.0 electronic EvoPrimer 629
2014-03-20 RoboWarz 2.0 game EvoPrimer 297
2013-12-19 Christmas 1.0 game All 300
2013-10-07 DMA2D-TR 1.0 resource EvoPrimer 797
2013-10-07 Space 2D game EvoPrimer 347
2013-10-07 DMA2D-Demo 1.0 resource EvoPrimer 1055
2013-08-04 uKOS-II 3.0.1 other 375
2013-07-26 Filesystem demo 1.0 resource All 445
2013-10-07 Cx_Demo 1.0 resource All 307
2013-07-24 STM32F407 - Camera 1.0 other EvoPrimer 3176
2015-04-20 GPS 1 game All 922
2013-07-24 Fast Chart 1.9 other All 455
2013-01-07 EvoPrimer Tutorial (Cubic) 3.0 resource EvoPrimer 426
2012-06-14 CHIP8 emulator v1 game EvoPrimer 341
2012-05-17 Space Invaders 10.1 game Primer2 681
Latest NEWS

See TapNLink at NFC Open Forum

Learn more about our award-winning NFC 3-Stroke configuration HVAC system configuration.
Demo Video

TapNLink Wins NFC Innovation Award

NFC 3-Stroke configuration provides instant HMI apps for HVAC systems!
Demo Video

Raisonance Adds Wireless Debugger/Programmer

Ride7 / RKit-ARM use TapNLink wireless modules to program and debug STM32 over wireless.
Demo Video

TapNLink Primer Available at Digi-Key
IoTize kicks off global distribution with $39 Primer for NFC/BLE evaluation.
Promo Video


Latest versions of Ride7 & RKit-ARM offer wireless debugging of STM32.